JR Artisan Spotlight

Danny Recorder

Creative Director/Owner

How did you get your start in the industry:

A summer job, when I was still in High School, for a small wallpaper company, James Ware Associates, that did  only hand printing and made their own silk screens. I worked in the Design Department painting the color separations, by hand, for their screen maker. This was long before everything became computerized. I was fascinated with everything from the first moment and worked for them every summer and part time all through my school years. This through knowledge about printing and production opened the doors to working with some of the most prestigious companies in our industry.




What inspires you?:

Books, books and more books on design, Nature, Porcelain, Antique Wallpapers and Fabric, Museum visits and all of the marvelous Interiors I see in magazines and on Instagram.




Describe your studio/work space:

I work from a cozy corner in my apartment. I’m always surrounded by my extensive library of Design books and odd bits and pieces for color and design inspiration.



What’s makes your brand stand out from the rest:

Fresh, clean colors and a sense of charm and whimsy. 



Any new techniques, mediums, colors, aesthetics you are experimenting with?

All of my Wallpapers are digitally printed. In my next collection I will be experimenting with metallic and textured ground papers for subtle and enhanced visual effects.



Dufour, Ltd. Wallpapers is available through our New York & Florida showroms

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