Discover the latest collections of high-end fabric, furniture, lighting, & wallcovering from our partner brands #InsideRosselli

C&C Milano Indoor | Outdoor Collection

Jeffrey Bilhuber for le gracieux 2024

Minton-Spidell | New Partner Brand

John Robshaw Jaipur Collection

Fermoie Spring 2024

Aux Abris Woodlands Collection

Ferran Sorrentine Collection

IATESTA STUDIO Parisian Collection

Aux Abris Marbled Collection


C&C Milano Terra Collection

Vaughan 40th Anniversary Collection


NEW DuFour, Ltd

Leah O’Connell Textiles Outdoor Collection

NEW Twigs Fabrics and Wallpaper

Adelphi Paper Hangings x Kelee Katillac

Jane Shelton 2023

Fermoie Oval Lampshades

Lisa Fine Fabric & Wallpaper 2024

Jasper & Templeton – 2023 Summer Romance Collection

Madeaux Tempus Collection

Schuyler Samperton Textiles – Millerton

Susan Deliss Weaves

Glant Milano Collection

Ironies Fall 2023 & 2024 Preview

Peter Dunham Textiles Fall 2023

Fermoie Fall 2023

John Robshaw Indoor/Outdoor 2023

New Partner Brand James Malone Fabrics

Décors Barbares 2023

Adelphi Paper Hangings Geremia Collection

John Rosselli Antiques New

New Partner Brand – Kettlewell Collection

Aux Abris – Circular Thinking

Vaughan – Spring Collection 

Iatesta Studio – Artisan Imprint

Aux Abris – A Room of One’s Own

Aux Abris – Silk Road

New Partner Brand Allan Knight

Guy Goodfellow Collection – Spring 2023

Fermoie – New Cove & Marden Colorways

Peter Dunham Textiles – Indoor/Outdoor Performance

Ferran – Mallorca Collection

Fermoie – Circus & Strié

Madeaux – Cafe Society

John Robshaw – Spring 2023

Glant – The Stockholm Collection

Radish Moon – Wallpapers

C&C Milano – Atelier Collection

Peter Dunham Textiles – Jacob’s Stripe


Madeaux – Bamboo Grove Collection

Adelphi Paper Hangings
Brockschmidt and Coleman

Furlow’s Folly Collection

Fermoie Autumn 2022

Leah O’Connell Textiles

Nicole Fabre Designs

Adelphi Paper Hangings – Patrick Mele Collection

Le Gracieux – 20th Anniversary Collection

Lisa Fine – Performance Collection

Susan Deliss  – Antique Gold & Burnt Orange

Décors Barbares – Summer 2022

Waterhouse Wallhangings – Leta Austin Foster Collection

Glant – Trevira Collection

Schuyler Samperton – Floriana

Guy Goodfellow Collection Summer 2022

John Robshaw Spring 2022

Susan Deliss Maritsa

Fermoie 10th Anniversary

Madeaux Oasis 

Nicole Fabre Designs

Peter Dunham Textiles


Madeaux Sylvan

Guy Goodfellow Collection Spring 2022

Susan Deliss Maribor Wallpaper

Décors Barbares

Hazelton House

Iatesta Studio

Jasper Fine Furniture and Fabric

Fermoie Autumn 2021

Aux Abris Wallcoverings

Lisa Fine

Fournir Collections

Peter Fasano

O. Henry House

Raoul Textiles

John Robshaw
20th Anniversary Collection

Schuyler Samperton Textiles New Essentials

Madeaux Samarkand Wallpaper Collection

Susan Deliss

Schuyler Samperton Textiles