JR Artisan Spotlight

John Robshaw

Founder & Creative President

How did you get your start in the industry:

Lee Link, a friend of John Rosselli’s, came into my showroom and said you should be at John Rosselli, and I said, “I would love to be” and gave her some turbans to bring to him as an offering, and it worked!



Describe your work in 5 words or less:

Block printed textiles from India.



What Inspires you?:

Art/fiction/ travel -I miss the world.


Describe your studio/work space:

I am excited as I just renovated an old 1840s house up in Falls Village, Connecticut, and I have one floor to stretch out with books/ old textiles etc.. I would say I have piles of everything, so yes, it’s a bit chaotic; however, it’s an organized mess, if that makes sense? I have a massive pinboard in my city studio that might fall down and kill me someday! I am a visual person, so I love lots of inspiration and mood boards- pictures of art, design, my travels, and just general cultures get my creative juices flowing. I am excited to make a new mood board for Ct.


What’s makes your brand stand out from the rest:

We are an Artful take on textiles. A weaving of artistic ideas and techniques with textiles.




Any new techniques, mediums, colors, aesthetics you are experimenting with?

We are actually dabbling in digital prints this season as it allows us more colors than we can do in traditional block printing and also allows us to play with scale the way we never could before.

What was your experience working with Stiles Colwill to create the Blue & White Room complete with your fabrics? What a truly wonderful fellow.

He was kind enough to have us down for the weekend so we could live in his world which I think is the best way to get to know a person.When we started and Covid-19 was raging and the world was shutting down he did not drop the project he said lets work this out and have some fun!! And we did. A real trooper and magnetic storyteller.

How does working with other interior designers like Stiles impact or transform your new collections?

Seeing how they use textiles is always refreshing for me. They come at fabrics from their unique experiences and clients and I always learn something new. Link to Full Story


John Robshaw Textiles is available through NY, CH, DC, Fl Showrooms


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