JR Artisan Spotlight

Sarah Nicholas Williams

Owner/Textile Artist

How did you get your start in the industry:

I started Radish Moon in 2010 as a children’s collection of handmade dishes, wooden jigsaw puzzles and pillows etc, featuring my illustrations as surface design. The collection was sold in boutiques around the US and Europe.

In 2016 I decided to shift my focus to textiles and created a collection based on the botanicals that were the backdrop to many of my illustrations. 

I was lucky enough to get a meeting with Jonathan at John Rosselli & Associates. They took a chance on my first tiny collection, giving me my start in the industry.


Describe your work in 5 words or less:

Whimsical yet elegant, unique, approachable-something for everyone. 

What inspires you?:

What inspires you? Nature obviously but the city too.. Pattern inspiration is everywhere if you just look! Travel is on hold for now so I’m loving my books and going to museums here in NYC. I love discovering artists that are new to me and Instagram is also a great place for these discoveries.


Describe your studio/work space:

I just moved into a new studio and I’m still unpacking and getting organized. I like everything to have its place but I do tend to collect a lot of found objects–haha. I  focus best when things are tidy so I’m trying to keep that to a minimum. 


What’s makes your brand stand out from the rest:

All of my designs are original and I think that stands out. I don’t work from documents or archives so hopefully it comes across as distinctly my own hand.  All of my work is hand-drawn and painted with watercolor before arranging the repeats for final patterns. I think there’s a common thread and style throughout the collection that makes it recognizably Radish Moon.




Any new techniques, mediums, colors, aesthetics you are experimenting with?

Yes! I’m trying oil pastels for a more saturated look. We’ll see where that goes.. 

I’m feeling very partial to geometrics right now and that’s finding its way into my florals as well. I’m releasing a new design this Spring that’s a completely geometric floral–I hope it will be well received! I’m also listening to more music when I work which is calming and “sets a mood”. 

Radish Moon is available through our New York, Chicago, Florida, & Washington DC Showrooms

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