JR Artisan Spotlight

Allison Kettlewell

Founder and Creator



What inspires you?

Everything: Travel, Nature, Music, and Antique Textiles, of course. My collection of antique documents is extensive!.


Describe your work in 5 words or less:

Handcrafted, Timeless, Inspired, Detailed, Sophisticated



How did you get your start in the industry:

I studied Interior design in college, which included surface design and how a drawing or painting translates into a woven or printed fabric. That’s when my love of textiles began. Then my first job out of college was for Donghia where I had the opportunity to travel the world and work directly with artisans and mills.
In 2017, with the encouragement of my partner mill in India, we did trials of several of my designs. That’s when I knew I needed to do this for real, and I began Kettlewell Collection.






Describe your studio/workspace:

My studio looks like a total disaster, covered from floor to ceiling with piles of colorful textiles and ever-evolving inspiration boards—a judgement-free zone of messy and playful creativity.



Are you experimenting with any new techniques, mediums, colors, or aesthetics?

We are excited to be working on wallcoverings, embellished pillows, and outdoor fabrics, among other things!

What’s makes your brand stand out from the rest:

I work hard to create things that are interesting, authentic, and timeless. When you see the textiles in person you get a real sense of the artisanal and historic techniques that create each collection.