JR Artisan Spotlight

Matt Quinn

CEO & Creative Director

What Inspires you?:

My design sense is strongly rooted in classicism, which informs nearly every one of my designs. I have a collection of out-of-print art and architecture books that offer a reference point for line and proportion. While this informs my design sense, I am inspired daily by the creativity and ability of my employees who execute my vision in our studios. Together we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can make.




Any new techniques, mediums, colors, aesthetics you are experimenting with?:


We are always pushing ourselves to develop new skills and techniques. We recently acquired a Blacksmith shop from New Mexico and moved them to Maryland. Because of this, we will be introducing an entire series of hand-forged furniture and lighting that we could not have produced efficiently before. We are working with several new leather techniques for both wrapping furniture and embossing inset panels. New finish colorations and techniques are always in the works.



Iatesta Studio is available through our NY, FL, CH, & DC Showrooms

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How did you get your start in the industry:

My introduction to the industry was totally by chance. I was introduced to David Iatesta by a mutual acquaintance the summer after my graduation from business school but before starting a job in finance in Manhattan. After a year in New York and the daily grind of office work I was craving a more creative and tactile career. Simultaneously, David and his brother wanted to part ways as business partners and needed someone to step in and manage the recently launched brand. Unbelievably, I was hired. With no preconceived notion of what a small maker in the industry could or more importantly, couldn’t do, I forged ahead growing the brand, and that made all the difference in our success.


Describe your work in 5 words or less:

Timeless, Understated, Enduring


Describe your studio/work space:

Currently we are building out a new 50,000 square foot production facility leaving us in transition between buildings so everything is a little more chaotic than I would prefer. I do my best work in a space filled with natural light surrounding by books and objects that inspire me.


What’s makes your brand stand out from the rest:

When you place an order with us you know it is going to be attended to with the utmost care in our own studios from start to finish. The intermediate and final inspection processes guarantee you receive exactly what you order. This is important when nearly every item is customized. While we take what we do very seriously, we do not take ourselves too seriously. We value each of our staff and their individual and unique contributions to the company and the final product.