Serena Dugan

My new collection of fabrics and wallcoverings is an extension of my work as an artist. When painting, I explore the themes of shape, rhythm and color relationships. My textiles further these ideas by translating them into pattern form. Print, through fabrics and wallcoverings, offers impact to a space that’s indelible, impactful, and mood altering. Given my background in art,design, interiors, and psychology, I find this allure irresistible.

When envisioning the first textile collection under my own studio, I gathered imagery that inspired me, without bias or intention. It was a new exercise for me; without a defined brand to design into, customers to please, or a business to drive, what was I compelled by? The imagery I gathered held together in a way that spoke plainly to who I was and what this collection would be: An ode to wanderlust. It would be lighthearted. It would be spirited and worldly before a time when that was defined as jet-set or bohemian. It would contain my artist’s eye and my traveler’s curiosity.

This collection of fabrics and wallcoverings came together as I hoped it would. It speaks to my influences, while holding together on its own. It is refined, but it also celebrates the imperfect — both vibrant and patina’d. Each of the 13 fabric and 7 wallcovering designs are named after a place in the world where I’ve found inspiration…a well that is not nearly filled.

– Serena Dugan of Serena Dugan Studio