Geremia Collection

“Adelphi Paper Hangings, always on the lookout for designers who appreciate historic sensibilities –  but don’t feel constrained by them, has asked Lauren Geremia from Geremia Design to create these enlivened colorways for five of our traditional wallpapers.” – Adelphi Paper Hangings



Adelphi Paper Hangings invited interior design firm Lauren Geremia of Geremia Design to create custom colorways for five historical wallpapers.

“We started this project as we do our interiors — with art. We looked to painters and sculptors for fresh takes on color relationships and drew from contemporary artwork that we saw in galleries and shows throughout the year that we worked on this project. The pieces that we chose to work from are by American artists who have a technical and historic approach to their work. These particular female artists are people who we admire and respect, and are excited to partner with in our art consulting practice.”

“This collaborative project was a dream prompt for a paint and pattern fanatic who revels in research. While we value the historic preservation work that these papers inherently honor, we were excited about treating these classic patterns with a contemporary spin on color. Our goal with this collection was to push the boundaries of these patterns and to explore the capacity of colors to vibrate off of one another.” – Lauren Geremia


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Blanchard Ashlar
Geremia Colorway

Pebbles & Flowerpots
Geremia Colorway

Ghost Blossom
Geremia Colorway

Quarter Sawn Oak
Geremia Colorway

Geremia Colorway