Brockschmidt and Coleman Collection

“After many years – and many rolls of wallpaper – the team of Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman continue to surprise us with their unique approach to recoloring our historic patterns. Their interpretations, often utilizing a non-historic palette, create unexpected structures of emphasis in the designs.” – Adelphi Paper Hangings



Adelphi Paper Hangings invited interior design firm Brockschmidt & Coleman to create custom colorways for five historical wallpapers. 

“We have been custom-coloring Adelphi Paper Hangings since our first projects more than 20 years ago.  We recall fondly that some of our color choices initially baffled our friends at Adelphi – especially our mixing of warm and cool greens – but the papers and rooms finally won them over.  So many of our projects over the years have featured Adelphi papers, and it is truly one of our favorite design elements.  Sometimes the patterns are sympathetic to the style of the house or furniture, but other times they are selected purely for their graphic quality despite their history.

For the five custom colorways in this collection, we looked at each pattern individually with the concept of choosing colors to create a mood that had not yet been exploited.

For Florence Place Foliate, a pattern that we introduced to Adelphi after being given a remnant of a wallpaper salvaged from a Mississippi house, we noticed that in both the original pattern and the recolored versions in Adelphi’s catalog the leaves frilly borders were typically lighter than the background.   The new coloration flips the light and dark tones, so that the dark leafy outlines read as filigree.  Contrasted with hot coral and orange colors, the pattern becomes rich and mysterious.

The geological fantasy colors of some scagliola mantels on which we have been recently working inspired the deep purplish tones of Prince Rollins Marble. Whereas the catalog of Soane Diaper colorways were mostly tonal in color, resembling tooled leather or damask, we returned the foliate pattern to its botanical roots with squint-your-eyes fern colors strongly contrasting against a pale sky color background.

For Renaissance Strapwork, we were inspired by the Dutch Renaissance portraits where the richness of lace is set off against an enigmatic, shimmering black.” – Brockschmidt & Coleman

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Bamboo and Drapery
Brockschmidt & Coleman Colorway

Florence Place Foliate
Brockschmidt & Coleman Colorway

Soane Diaper
Brockschmidt & Coleman Colorway

Prince Rollings Marble
Brockschmidt & Coleman Colorway

Renaissance Strapwork
Brockschmidt & Coleman Colorway