Circular Thinking

Sometimes designers need wallpaper that can be playful without falling into the arena of being too juvenile. We have achieved this nuance with our two new designs, “Circle Squared” and “Balancing Act” – Karen Robert


(Or Seriously Playful?)

Sometimes designers need wallpaper that can be playful without falling into the arena of being too juvenile. Aux Abris has achieved this nuance with two new designs, “Circle Squared” and “Balancing Act.” Both play with the circle as a form, creating a spirited yet subtle sense of fun. They achieve this with a woven background used in both designs entitled “Rough Weave,” which adds a layer of texture for organic quality.

This geometric design conjures up seesaws, circus acts, architecture, or planetary objects, whichever way you see it. It’s at once disarming and amusing. The sharp lines and clean finishes paired with the highly textural background allow the design to embody the theme of any space it graces. Four colorways, Builders Sand, Rosseta Stone, Silent Night, Skyscraper.

Aux Abris started with circles and turned them round and upside down to create new shapes that created a unique pattern. Filled with the roughly woven texture, these new forms become subtle and organic for a wallpaper that can be at once in the background but also worthy of attention. Four colorways; Subtle Green, Blue Grey, Common Grey, Warm Beige,

Rough Weave is a highly usable new wallpaper texture. This is a seamless alternative to a grasscloth that retains the organic qualities that make grasscloth beloved. The paper has textural vertical strands, which gives it the feel of a linen wallpaper. The design comes in nine gorgeously subtle shades and is easily customizable.


Available in our NY Showroom 

D&D Building
979 Third Avenue, Suite 1800
New York, NY 10022

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Balancing Act – Builders Sand

Balancing Act – Skyscraper

Circle Squared – Subtle Green

Rough Weave – Cambric Blue

Rough Weave – Mist Green

Rough Weave – Wheat

Balancing Act – Rosetta Stone

Circle Squared – Common Grey

Circle Squared – Blue Grey

Rough Weave – Pale Hemp

Rough Weave – Whitewashed Burlap

Balancing Act – Silent Night

Circle Squared – Warm Beige

Rough Weave – Gunnysack

Rough Weave – Hardly Pink

Rough Weave – Pinked Hemp