Grasscloth & Faux Silk

The fun of this exuberant collection is finding the perfect interplay between color, design, and texture. – Karen Robert


Karen was drawn to designing playful optimistic prints with animals, mythical creatures, and lighthearted motifs to bolster spirits with curious color combinations and exciting contrasts. The patterns are colored with rich greens, moody purple hues, and warm spicy tones. The collection debuts on two new materials for Aux Abris, a matte white grasscloth and faux silk. View a selection of the new colorways below. 




Available in our NY Showroom 

D&D Building
979 Third Avenue, Suite 1800
New York, NY 10022

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Blossom – Peach Tree

Thunderstruck – Earthbound

Hot Cross Mama – Subtle Pink

Celtic Knots – Mustard Grey

Jungle Fever – Gracious Green

Compass Rose – Thunder Grey

Sea Scallops – Coral

Blossom – Spring Green

Thunderstruck – Empire Blue

Hot Cross Mama – Old Gold

Celtic Knots – Blue Green

Jungle Fever – Precocious Pink

Compass Rose – Midnight Blue

Sea Scallops – Pale Aqua

Blossom – Deep Teal

Thunderstruck – Imperial Jade

Hot Cross Mama – Antique Red

Celtic Knots – Rose Teal

Jungle Fever – Tantalising Teal

Compass Rose – Deep Green

Sea Scallops – Oceanside