10th Anniversary

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary Year the Studio decided to revisit two of the most versatile and loved designs, expanding the colour offering and in doing so introducing an even more vibrant palette.


Fermoie 10th Anniversary

This year, Fermoie celebrates its 10th Anniversary. They looked back to move forward by revisiting two versatile stripes from their 2012 collection: Poulton Stripe & York Stripe. In celebration of their refined printing, they’ve created a vibrant new color palette for these beloved designs.



Available in our NY, CH, & FL Showrooms 

D&D Building
979 Third Avenue, Suite 1800
New York, NY 10022

The Merchandise Mart
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 6-158
Chicago, Illinois 60654

Design Center of the Americas
1855 Griffin Road, Suite C-100
Dania Beach, FL 33004


Poulton Stripe – L-310

Poulton Stripe – L-313

Poulton Stripe – L-316

Poulton Stripe – L-319


Poulton Stripe

Poulton Stripe – L-311

Poulton Stripe – L-314

Poulton Stripe – L-317

Poulton Stripe – L-320


Poulton Stripe – L-312

Poulton Stripe – L-315

Poulton Stripe – L-318

Poulton Stripe – L-321


York Stripe – L-330

York Stripe – L-333

York Stripe – L-336

York Stripe – L-339


York Stripe – L-342


York Stripe

York Stripe – L-331

York Stripe – L-334

York Stripe – L-337

York Stripe – L-340


York Stripe – L-332

York Stripe – L-335

York Stripe – L-338

York Stripe – L-341