A celebration of iconic designs unparalleled in their creativity and innovation


We hosted the Gallery of Legends – a celebration of iconic designs unparalleled in their creativity and innovation for D&D Spring Market 2023.


The exhibition showcased exceptional textiles with vibrant colors and bold prints, reflecting the extraordinary refinement and artistry that makes them legendary.

The gallery included designs by Fermoie, Hazelton House, Jane Shelton, Jasper Fabrics, le gracieux, Madeaux, Radish Moon, and Schuyler Samperton curated by leading interior designers; Ariel Okin, Bunny Williams, Corey Damen Jenkins, Eddie Lee, G. P. Schafer, Henry & Co, Jeffrey Bilhuber, & Kati Curtis.

We also introduced Allan Knight to our New York Showroom with a collection of fashion-forward furniture dressed in opulent James Malone textiles.



D&D Building
979 Third Avenue, Suite 1800
New York, NY 10022




Jane Shelton ‘Chestnuts & Lilacs’

“New to the fabric business, I was on a mission! I wanted a design to express my point of view. At a documents dealer, I discovered Chestnuts & Lilacs – it had it ALL! Not a floral but a Botanical with lilac blooms and lush chestnut leaves, I knew immediately it was a Classic!” – Jane Shelton

Gil Schafer of G. P. Schafer

“This classic—and so pretty—fabric from Jane Shelton, the quirky combination of chestnuts and lilacs, was just what I was looking for in a sunny and lively English chintz with an “Old World” character for a guest bedroom for an elegant new house in the American South. Layered with cheerful colors that make it so easy to build a scheme for a room off of it, the fabric is at once timeless and fresh, and carries the tradition of English chintz forward in an exciting new way. Surely destined to be a new classic!” – Gil Schafer


Eddie Lee of Eddie Lee Inc.

“In designing this Cape Cod beach home, we wanted to honor our doctor and artist client’s loveof England and of color. Madeaux Cornucopia in Rosewater fit the bill perfectly with its pretty seaside palate and traditional yet fresh pattern.” – Eddie Lee

Madeaux ‘Cornucopia’

“Inspired by the soft textures of a hand stencilled wall covering by Renzo Mongardino in a Parisian hotel particuliere from the 1970s, I created Cornucopia to give a similar ethereal look. The carpet like motifs are familiar but not specific and the distribution of colours work beautifully across drapery.” – Richard Smith


Hazelton House ‘Pulbrook Bouquet’

“Pulbrook Bouquet hand block is printed using the original set of 88 blocks, engraved in 1924 and across 22 block colours. The natural colourway is a more recent addition, we selected these colours to create a calm and inviting feel, gelled on the rustic linen base cloth.The name of the design was inspired by the legendary florists in London, Pulbrook & Gould, who were captivated by the beauty of English gardens. Lady Pulbrook and Rosamund Gould set the floral scene in some of the most stylish houses of their time, and now our Pulbrook Bouquet hand block continues this inspiration in marvellous interiors around the globe,” – Simeon


Bunny Williams of Williams Lawrence

“I recently used this hand blocked linen on a sofa and chairs in a clients living room. I was drawn to its beautiful, muted colors and the painterly quality of the floral pattern. What I love is that it almost feels like watercolor. It’s a print you will never tire of.” – Bunny Williams


Kati Curtis of Kati Curtis Design

“Radish Moon provided the perfect blend of modern and traditional styles, with a unique edge that sets them apart. When working on a project in Tribeca, I needed to combine the historic elements of a Beaux-arts building with a contemporary, modern aesthetic that would resonate with the client and the neighborhood. Radish Moon’s Blue Poplar design struck the perfect balance between soft femininity and modern sophistication. It was the ideal choice for our client’s pied-à-terre, reflecting her modern taste while still honoring the neoclassical architecture of the building. What I love about Radish Moon is that their designs never feel contrived or predictable-they bring a fresh and exciting energy to any project.” – Kati Curtis


Radish Moon ‘Blue Poplar’

“Blue Poplar is a favorite pattern from my first textile collection.It’s my interpretation of several curious pods I found on the ground during a late fall walk. I had no idea what kind of tree they came from but later learned they were Tulip Poplar.I’ve re-imagined them in two variations; both with a delicate stem but with different fanciful leaves and colors.” – Sarah Nicholas Williams


le gracieux – ‘Bouquets de Fleurs’

“I liken my process of design to that of an actor who studies to create a role for a play. Careful attention to detail is paid to develop a textile that looks historic and authentic but has yet to be created until now.” – Doug Funkhouser


Corey Damen Jenkins of Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates

“The beautiful Bouquet de Fleurs by le gracieux will be a crown-jewel feature in the second-floor front hall and library of a beautiful historic renovation project on the eastern shore of Maryland. The soft blue and delicate organic details are a pièce de résistance for this calm and inviting respite by the sea.” – Corey Damen Jenkins



Jeffrey Bilhuber of Jeffrey Bilhuber LLC

“Decorating an historic 18th century English country house conjures images of traditional furnishings and fabrics, but our goal was to move this handsome house forward for a modern American family. Fermoie’s Botany Yellow conjures images of classic floral patterns without being nostalgic. It’s bright, optimistic colors and pretty pattern add a brisk clarity and effervescence to rooms steeped in history and narrative.” – Jeffrey Bilhuber


Fermoie ‘Botany’

“Botany is a small repeat, organic shapes that blur the line between geometric and botanical. Simple shapes, space and colour with a nod to fauvism and early 20th Op Art.”


Jasper Fabrics – ‘Indian Flower’

“One of Jasper’s first patterns introduced in the line and is still today, one of the most popular patterns. Diminutive yet bold, stylized print patterned across a hemp ground cloth.” – Michael S Smith


Stephanie Woodmansee of Henry & Co Design

“The Indian Flower pattern has an organic order with its climbing design that makes it a crown favorite! It instantly brings warmth and depth to the walls of the family room without being too overpowering. It also makes a wonderful connection to the beautiful greenery outside.” – Stephanie Woodmansee



Ariel Okin of Ariel Okin Interiors

“We love working with Schuyler’s gorgeous textiles; they can transform a room in an instant. Her breadth of knowledge on antique textiles and collecting so vividly informs her collections in such a beautiful way. We loved using Eden in this project in New Canaan for the family room– it’s the star of the space!”  – Ariel Okin


Schuyler Samperton Textiles ‘Eden Meadow’

“Eden is one of our most romantic patterns-its soft palette of feathery botanical motifs are highlighted with darker accents which put an unexpected twist on the traditional floral design. Drawing inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints, its bold scale and delicate rendering offer a fresh study in contrasts.” – Schuyler Samperton 


We are honored to introduce Allan Knight to the New York Showroom with a collection of fashion-forward furniture dressed in opulent
James Malone textiles now available in JR NY.

le gracieux
‘Bouquets de Fleurs’

Colorway: Bay on Soft Blue HB8-03
Grounds: 100% French Linen
100% Hemp Linen available upon request

Jane Shelton
‘Chestnuts & Lilacs’

Colorway: Cream 1105-4
Grounds: 100% Cotton

Hazelton House
‘Pulbrook Bouquet’

Colorway: White 3836D
Grounds: 100% Rustic Linen


Colorway: Yellow Color Family BOTA-004
Grounds: 50% Cotton 25% Linen 15% Viscose 10% Nylon

Schuyler Samperton Textiles
‘Eden Meadow’

Colorway: Serene SSTEDE/03
Grounds: 100% Linen

Jasper Fabrics
Indian Flower’

Colorway: Blue JP 1001
Grounds: 100% Hemp



Radish Moon
‘Blue Poplar’

Colorway: Indigo 101-IOYS
Grounds: 100% Linen/Heavy Oyster


Colorway: Rosewater
Grounds: 100% Linen