The Milano Collection

THE MILANO COLLECTION is a tribute and handsome reflection of Italy’s style capital. – Glant 

GLANT AUTUMN 2023: THE MILANO COLLECTION is a tribute and handsome reflection of Italy’s style capital. Exceptional locales of SAN BABILA, PIAZZA DELLA SCALA and VIA BORGONUOVO have inspired textile creation while moody and stimulating colorations have informed a palette that highlights and evokes the emotion and love felt for one of the greatest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world: MILANO.


Milano, Italy’s industrial and financial heart, is beyond alluring and rich in culture and art, industrial design, fashion, and architecture. Sultry, sexy, deeply intoxicating.

Start the day with a dark espresso in an aromatic and lively café. Enjoy a lingering and delicious lunch in between shopping, gallery, and museum visits. Begin La Sera with aperitif and an addictive Negroni or two. Feast your eyes on Art Deco interiors, richly colored in mahogany and ochre. End your day with a brilliant opera at La Scala. Celebrate life, Northern Italian style.

The first night and first visit to Italy for Gary and Vicki Glant was in September of 1976 in Milano. A late dinner that first day ever in Italia was at a famed restaurant named El Toulà where the wood-paneled, art-filled interior was only exceeded by the gracious service and beautiful Milanese clientele. Vicki and Gary were seated near a table of exquisitely dressed and glamorous young Milanese celebrating a special occasion and sharing their elaborate and impressive Gateau Saint Honore (a tower of profiteroles and tall, thin candles) with them. At this first dinner, Vicki and Gary decided they wanted to make a life in Italy. It was just that simple and spontaneous.

 The next day, Gary met with the principals of Texital, one of Italy’s leading high-end textile mills in Bergamo, a Medieval walled city, forty miles to the Northeast of Milano in the foothills of the Alps in the Lake Country. Here began a collaboration that evolved twenty years later with Glant buying Texital, and to this day, this high-end producer of some of Italy’s leading furnishing textiles is owned by the Glant family.


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Nagano – Chartreuse

Piazza della Scala – Carrara

Piazza della Scala – La Serata

San Babila – Ochre

Shinjuku – Laurel

Via Borgonuovo – Acqua

Nagano – Clove

Piazza della Scala – Cobalto

Piazza della Scala – Savoia

San Babila – Limestone

Shinjuku – Tobacco

Via Borgonuovo – Autunno

Nagano – Plum

Piazza della Scala – Corallo Antico

San Babila – Peacock

San Babila – Limestone

Shinjuku – Umber

Via Borgonuovo – Granito