The Stockholm Collection

This collection, inspired by Stockholm and its Nordic beauty, is a stunner and we hope you agree! – Adam Glant

Stockholm, one of the world’s most beautiful capitals, is a favorite destination of the Glant family, as many of their ancestors hail from Sweden, and it has been a great source of inspiration. Moreover, Adam Glant spent 2003 living in Stockholm, studying at Stockholm University, and the family often returns to explore this splendid city. 
Stockholm is the inspiration for GLANT SPRING 2023. Geographically magnificent, Stockholm is built around water, and on the banks of an archipelago meeting the Baltic Sea, with the city itself situated on fourteen islands at the beginning of the archipelago. With its Viking roots and French inspiration (in fact, the Swedish Royal family has French ancestry), Stockholm is a majestic and cosmopolitan city, abounding by waterfront, elegant architecture, parks, culture, and great style.
 GLANT SPRING 2023, The Stockholm Collection, through innovative texture and color, offers a palpable level of luxury without pretense, an enduring hallmark of GLANT (and of Stockholm), and captures the essence of this gem of a Scandinavian capital, featuring GAMLA STAN, OSTERMALM, and SODERMALM, as well as a salute to Stockholm’s impressive art scene with MODERNA MUSEET. Colorations of Archipelago, Midsommar, Rye, Lingonberry, Dill, Birch, Alpine Forest, Alpine Lake, Spice, and Cardamom, among many others, depict, illustrate, and celebrate Stockholm through inspired and nuanced tones and hues. The Stockholm Collection is an abundance of Boucle, Chenille, and Jacquard constructions in a smorgasbord of colors and neutrals for GLANT SPRING 2023.

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Gamla Stan Sandstone

Gamla Stan Lingonberry

Gamla Stan Dill

Gamla Stan Stone

Outdoor – Moderne Coral

Livorno Ginger

Moderna Museet  Kaffe

Moderna Museet  Seagrass

Ostermalm  Herbe

Sodermalm  Khaki

Sodermalm  Vin

Verbier   Birch

Gamla Stan Spice

Gamla Stan Herbe

Gamla Stan Sky

Bari Ginger

Outdoor – Moderne Chartreuse

Moderna Museet  Archipelago

Moderna Museet  Midnatt

Ostermalm  Boulevard

Ostermalm  Rose Quartz

Sodermalm  Navy

Verbier   Alpine Forest

Verbier   Glacier

Gamla Stan Rye

Gamla Stan Saltwater

Gamla Stan Frost

Outdoor – Moderne Aqua

Outdoor – Moderne Dust Pink

Moderna Museet  Cardamom

Moderna Museet  Midsommar

Ostermalm  Cardamom

Ostermalm  Saltwater

Sodermalm  Teal

Verbier   Alpine Lake

Verbier   Moss