Summer 2022

Guy Goodfellow Collection takes pride in manufacturing its designs and the service with each request.



A 19th century French document was the source of inspiration for our new print, Rendlesham. A delicate floral trail printed across a slubby linen panel has been reinterpreted with adjustments to the scale, making this design suitable for curtaining and upholstery where the detail can be better appreciated. Colourways ‘Russet’, ‘Cognac’ and ‘Rosewood’ replicate the beautiful antique quality of the original print.


An antique Fez stitch embroidery has been revived through specialist weaving techniques to create our new design, Tangier. The zig zag that runs across the repeat, makes this weave particularly striking when used for curtains and upholstery. It is also reminiscent of the original Moroccan embroidered panels that would have been sewn together for decorative hangings and covers. The design comes in five colourways: ‘Cognac’, ‘Paprika’, ‘Olive’, ‘Indigo’ and ‘Campari’.


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New York, NY 10022

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Rendlesham – Cognac

Tangier – Cognac

Tangier – Olive

Rendlesham – Russet

Tangier – Campri

Tangier – Paprika

Rendlesham – Rosewood

Tangier – Indigo