Weaves 2021

Guy Goodfellow Collection weaves are inspired by elements of original African, Asian, and European documents. The yarns dyed in the Guy Goodfellow colour palette create beautiful depth and fabrics perfect for domestic upholstery and curtains. Woven in Suffolk, United Kingdom.


Woven in England, Kintbury Stripe retains its roots as a traditional weave while also being the perfect coordinate with many of the designs within the Guy Goodfellow Collection. Inspired by a historic Syrian document of woven goat’s wool, this striped design is supple enough to make beautifully rich curtains and blinds as well as looking wonderful upholstered on large pieces of furniture. 

Latest colorways, Campari and Emerald, serve to strengthen the existing collection. Both are broken up with lines of contrasting color and are incredibly versatile in that the stripes can run horizontal or vertical.

“Kintbury Stripe was inspired by a lovely antique textile I found, and the new Campari colourway is close to its original form. A touch of pink has been added to break up the design and to make it slightly more playful in appearance. The Emerald colourway reminds me of a striking green-and-white garden that is both stylish and timeless. The white lines that run through the fabric makes me think of white flowers and blossoms amongst rich green leaves”  – Guy Goodfellow 


Roussillon is a wonderfully textured weave that, due to its tonally coloured yarns, has faint lines running through it, providing a subtle play of texture and colour. New colorways, Aqua and Gold, not only lift the existing collection yet also work alongside so many other designs within it. Available in 17 colorways.

“I love to use Roussillon because of its canvas-like quality. It is supple enough to make beautifully rich curtains as well looking wonderful upholstered on large pieces of furniture. I had been looking for a strong yellow for a project of mine and as I couldn’t find it in other collections, I thought I should add it to ours! The Aqua colourway was developed for another project of mine to work with Garsington in Cognac which has striking blue leaves running through it. It now acts as a fresh and summery blue that the collection had otherwise been missing.” – Guy Goodfellow 


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Kintbury Stripe – Campari

Roussillon – Aqua

Kintbury Stripe – Emerald

Roussillon – Gold

Fez Weave – Gold