Tempus Wallpaper Collection

Introducing Tempus, the latest collection of wallpapers from Madeaux, with six new designs that combine botanical-inspired patterns with geometric-influenced motifs and a timeless stripe. Created as hand-painted artworks by Richard Smith in his studio in Rye, each motif ties into the concept of time, whether it is observing the evolving beauty of nature as the first buds of spring turn into the falling leaves of autumn to ornamentations and decorative details that subtly reference antique timepieces, such as clockwork mechanics and the classic hourglass.

Inspired by Cecil Beaton’s Winter Garden, the best-selling ‘Rose Trellis’ design has been reimagined in a fresh spring-green colorway featuring trailing roses emerging into bloom, while’Tempus’ is a soft rendering of the falling leaves of autumn, set against a textural grasscloth ground. These botanical designs are combined with the more conceptual ‘Filigree,’ which references the scroll of clockwork mechanics, and ‘Hourglass,’ an abstract reference to the ancient timepiece. The collection is completed with Madeaux’s timeless Audrey silk stripe, perfectly adapted from silk to a grasscloth wallpaper to create an elongated and elegant feel within contemporary and traditional interiors.


Available in our NY

D&D Building
979 Third Avenue, Suite 1800
New York, NY 10022

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