John Robshaw is an Artful take on Textiles. A weaving of artistic ideas and techniques.

20th Anniversary Fabric Collection

Our 20th Anniversary Collection is a tribute to some of my favorite prints. Our iconic prints like Aleppo, Diba and Lanka are re-imagined in new colorways. You will see Metallics, Peacocks and Corals in addition to the ever present Indigos.

We are also introducing two new prints. The first is Kiki, which is a rendition of a soft batik, and is available in Oyster, Peacock and Turquoise. The second is Torana, an extraordinary collaboration of blues.  – John Robshaw

Torana Indigo Fabric
Lanka Peacock Fabric
Diba Silver Fabric
Kiki Turquoise Fabric
Lanka Metallic Fabric
Bindi Coral Fabric
Kiki Peacock Fabric
Marmar Peacock Fabric
Aleppo Silver Fabric
Kiki Oyster Fabric
Marmar Coral Fabric

New Performance Fabrics

Livable Fabrics for Indoors or Outdoors.

Marmar Primrose Performance Fabric
Nadole Azure Performance Fabric
Aleppo Primrose Performance Fabric



Why is this 20th Anniversary special to you?  

I am grateful to have built this business working with friends from around the world for so many years. I have such an appreciation for the way the business has evolved over the years. It’s interesting to see what has worked and what hasn’t worked, as that has taught me a lot.


Do you have a special memory that is important to you from the last 20 years? 

My early memories of drinking beers in run down palaces in India with other travelers when Jaipur was a sleepy town (and not a booming city like today) and all of the talented people I have been lucky enough to stumble upon.






MID 90s

John Robshaw journeyed to India in search of indIgo dyes & fell in love with the fabric-making traditions of the local artisans




Joined the John Rosselli & Associates family, entering the New York Showroom. Now represented in all four showroom locations. John sent down turbans with Lee Link who was visiting John Rosselli next and then he got a call.  “Always good to make offerings to the local deities.”





Launched the 20th ANNIVERSARY FABRIC COLLECTION with iconic prints in new colorways





Do you have a favorite pattern or a pattern with a significant story? 

The Ginger Coral print. It is inspired by a lovely old trade textile found in Sumatra while I was digging around an antique dealer’s shop. The original textile for this print is a few hundred years old (and drawn with the most delicate hand). The trading routes textiles from India made around the world is incredible and hooked me the history of textiles and their beauty.


What can we expect from John Robshaw in the next 20 years? 

My approach to making prints is always changing, but I still love making prints, and life is change.


Any Advice to share with your 20 years of brand experience?

Have fun in whatever you are doing. Keep your vision and don’t be swayed by trends. Try to get a good financial person to help with the business as it’s a lot of work!





Officially incorporated John Robshaw and started making quilts and sheets.




Anthony Gianacakos designed a tablescape incorporating John Robshaw textiles & wallpapers at 2019 JR Festival of Fabrics during NY D&D Fall Market



Launched Wallpaper







John Robshaw’s signature look is an updated spin on the traditional, handmade object; a vibrant mix of sophistication and romantic allure. “I want all the colors, techniques and designs from each culture to blend. I redesign them and mix up the processes. I edit them, learn from them, make them my own, but retain their essence.”